Providing a voice radio system for the municipal jurisdictions serving the southwest portion of Los Angeles County


Police officers will have the ability to communicate with other agencies seamlessly, and also have the ability to communicate with their own Dispatch Center, regardless of location as long as it is in the INSB's network.  This is a game changer for agencies responding to mutual aid requests or if a vehicle pursuit leaves the city's old limited radio coverage area.


Fire Departments often travel long distances to provide support during major incidents. With a robust mutual aid plan already embedded in Fire Department culture, they will now have the ability to effectively communicate across multiple agencies.  This can be the difference between life and death for firefighters working a fast moving wildfire or a major disaster covering large geographical areas.



Often called the lifeline for first responders, communicating the critical information and getting resources to a major crime or disaster area is now made easier with the expansive coverage INSB brings.  Communications Operators will now have the ability to simultaneously coordinate Police/Fire resources and focus on the mission at hand regardless of location or agency.